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Our Translation Agency: Tradulux Luxembourg

For more than 10 years, TRADULUX has set itself the goal of providing high-quality multlilingual translations in all fields of expertise.

Our clients have placed their trust in us from our very beginning, and we translate multiple documents for them in record times, often dealing with urgent translations.

Our internal organization and our expertise allow us to respond to all your translation requests, for all types of documents: professional, technical, medical, legal…

Our database of translators contains more than 600 professional translators, all having experience in a required domain. Our translators are regularly tested and monitored by our team of proofreaders, allowing us to provide you with a multilingual translation service which is top of the range.

The TRADULUX translation agency bases its quality policy on three principal axes, which are our permanent commitments:

  • Deadlines: our quotes are sent out within an hour of your request. We adapt our deadlines according to your needs. A deadline which is offered is a deadline which is kept to.
  • Quality: we offer you the best translators with respect to the language and the technique required. We create glossaries and translation memories with the help of the translation assistance program TRADOS. All of our translations are reread by a technical proofreader.
  • Price: our prices are adjusted according to the volume of translation which you entrust us with. Our quotes are free.

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